Weekly video: Family samosa runs in Penang

Dare List Family notes from the streets of Penang Island, Malaysia

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

We are loving Penang, but have to admit that we took our time warming up to it. I think it was the high of coming from Bali, which was SO amazing. In particular, that's due to a double visit from our awesome brother-and sister-in-law - so much amazing food and fun!

When we got to Penang we were all sick, exhausted from being up all night with Leo (sick babies eh!) and to top it off Eric's laptop AND my phone both died in the same week. Eric's was resuscitated (with a temporary workaround until he can get it fixed permanently on the mainland), but my poor little iPhone 5 had been dropped one too many times, and gave up without a fight. 

I don't think I'll get another phone for a while now, as I can manage okay with the iPad and FB messenger for communication, and Eric always gets the local SIM anyway. So it will be the first time in 10+ years I haven't owned a mobile phone. Weird! And yes, I've got the scrolling twitch of the addicted. 

Batu Ferringi

​We stayed in Batu Ferringi first, which was awesome because we had a large apartment for working in and were only a 2 minute walk from the beach. It wasn't the most beautiful or the cleanest beach we've ever seen, but it was magical in the late afternoon watching the horses come down to bathe, the jet skiers whizzing about on the glassy water, and the sunset over the jetty (to which Leo would always wave, and say "bye bye sunset"!) 

Overall, there wasn't much going on in Batu, and even though we loved the beach, we were keen to see more of the amazing street food and heritage architecture in George Town that we'd heard so much about.

When we got to George Town, it was a game changer.

On our second day staying in the centre of George Town (in an awesome 200 year old Batik heritage Chinese shop house - phew, that's a mouthful!) we hired bikes! It was so much fun! We rode around in the late afternoon sampling all the street vendor's foods, like a progressive dinner! 

The experience was a breakthrough for us, because in Bali we documented how difficult it was eating in restaurants with Leo, who would always have a meltdown waiting for the food to arrive.

But Leo LOVED riding on the back of the bike and stopping to try new foods, it kept him entertained and moving, and we never sat still for long. All the street food is made right in front of you (or you cook it yourself), so there's no waiting and it's perfect for toddlers. We'll do a seperate post about street food in Penang because there is SO MUCH.

Okay, hope you enjoy the samosa run video. 😉

A quick word on future content

We'll be posting 'chatty' rough-and-ready posts like this every week alongside our normal content.

We love putting in the time and effort to write great posts filled with research and tips. But we need to keep telling stories about where we're at right NOW or time will fly so fast, we won't be able to keep up!

We've just arrived in new accommodation in George Town today. We'll be here for a few weeks, thank goodness. I don't know how some full-time travellers keep to a rushed travel schedule. Slow travel is the ONLY way for us.

Thanks for reading!

Grace + Eric xo


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