Week 5: How we do childcare as a travelling family

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

One question we get asked a lot as a full time travel family is how we get time to ourselves, as parents who spend almost every waking minute with our kid. And THAT ties into our other most-asked question, which is how do we socialise Leo? And the answer to both is one magical word... PRESCHOOL! 🤩 {insert angelic chorus singing Handel's Messiah here 😇✨}

This week on our vlog we'll show you how Leo's first week of preschool in Vancouver went (starting 3 days before the end of year graduation concert!) and also take you behind the scenes with what we got up to when we hired a car in Vancouver. We usually don't mind using public transport (Leo loves the sky train here) but there is SO much natural beauty in Vancouver's surrounds a short drive away​.

« Tell us how you do childcare when you travel? Resorts with kids clubs, nannies, or daycares? »

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