Review: Pondok Pekak Children’s Library in Ubud

The library can be hard to spot, so cross the football field and look for the blue entrance.

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

Ubud Library: The Pondok Pekak Children's Library and Learning Centre

Jl. Monkey Forest, on the opposite side of the football field


The Pondok Pekak library in Ubud is the kind of place you feel lucky to have discovered, a place that makes you feel like a local. It's a beautiful, quiet oasis in the middle of the busiest part of Ubud, situated in a repurposed compound donated by a wealthy American expat and her husband.

It can be hard to find the first time you visit, so instead of asking the locals (many of whom have never laid eyes on it), head to the football field. It's on the corner of Jl. Monkey Forest and Jl. Dewisita. When you get there the library is adjacent to (about) the half way line. The library is the blue archway (see image above) nestled in between the restaurants looking onto the field.

The library itself is packed with books. This corner is the children's and young adult section.

The library offers a large room stuffed full of books, a cafe and courtyard, reading nooks and traditional Balinese xylophones to play. There are dance, fruit carving and art classes offered, and every night a traditional Legong dance is performed by the local children in beautiful costumes (ticket price is 75,000 IDR each). 

The library's cafe and courtyard is a great place to stretch the legs.

There are refreshing drinks and tasty local food and the cafe, and free wifi throughout the premises. A drinking water refill station makes it the kind of place you could spend the whole day.

The food here is delicious!

Here are a few more photos of our time at the library.

The reading corner upstairs is our favourite place. It can get a little hot, so make sure you bring water.

What are the chances the lion page is his favourite?

The library holds fruit carving classes... Leo was only interested once he was allowed to eat the watermelon!

And there's a park right outside to run around in afterwards.

Are you a regular visitor to the Pondok Library? What's your favourite thing about it? Comment below.

Grace Koelma

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