Review: Bali Fun World in Ubud

In this Bali Fun World review we show what the play centre is like, where it is, and how much it costs (not so cheap for tourists).

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

Bali Fun World, Ubud

Jl. Lettu I Wayan Sutha II Banjar Paninjoan Batuan Sukawati

What is Bali Fun World?

Bali Fun World is an indoor play centre about 25 minutes south by car or bike from Ubud. It's in a huge warehouse and fitted out with several large jumping castles. It has slides, a multi-level play area and a fenced section with toys for little ones.

Bali Fun World from the street

We'd read reviews that said the equipment was dirty, but it looked fine to us. There's a clean toilet with a table for baby change and a cafeteria (we didn't try the food though.)

Like so many of the attractions in Bali, it was deserted when we got there. By the end of our time (90 minutes) though a few local kids had arrived.

One big slide and one tiny boy!

One thing to note: It's fairly expensive for tourists

The lack of children visiting could be due to the price (it's double for foreigners/tourists). It cost us 100K per child AND adult to get in ($10 each)​. We chose to pay 200K total for Leo and me, and Eric sat outside with our driver. That said, it was so empty that the staff didn't mind when Eric came in to watch and take photos occasionally. 

We usually wouldn't even pay $10 at home for a play centre in Australia. But Leo hadn't been to a playground in weeks because Bali generally lacks children's play spaces and we'd intentionally made the trip for him. So we splurged a bit and he had a good climb and run around.​

Tip: Make sure you check opening times before you leave! We arrived at 9am and found it opened at 10, so we went to nearby Tegenungan waterfall first.

The cafeteria seating and cafe.

Leo loved the car - and because he was the only kid most of the time, he didn't have to share it!

Have you been to Bali Fun World? I'd love to know what you thought. Comment below.

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