The prettiest corner of France | La Séauve sur Semène

10 days in the beautiful French village of La Séauve sur Semène was nowhere near enough, but we booked it on a whim and it was a complete surprise. Looots of lush green, baguettes, cheese + wine and lots of walking (no car!) We loved every second!

Click the video above to get a sneak peek into our magical provincial France experience, or watch on YouTube here. 

The gate of our chateau - door to an unexplored world...

My favourite part of the area

Our Airbnb was in a chateau!

This is Mr Tickles. One of Leo's best friends 🙂

The bridge into La Séauve sur Semène

We walked along here every day, twice a day!

The pastries were to die for!

La Séauve sur Semène - and a construction site! (toddlers, amiright?)

La Séauve sur Semène on the map

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