Photography for Awkward Instagram Husbands

A '101' course for people who find it frustrating taking photos and/or uncomfortable being in them.

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LESSON 1 - How To Take Photos That Don't Suck
We'll cover why I felt awkward and frustrated by photography (and you might resonate?) and teach you my 8 "Photography 101's" so you can stop making silly mistakes and being a frustrated hot mess.
LESSON 2 - If You Do Nothing Else, Use This One Strategy
Because everyone loves an ambiguous title, right? You'll get my number one tip for taking photos that has nothing to do with how good you are at taking photos or seeing the 'right' angles (oooh, mysterious). Serious game changer!
LESSON 3 - "Let There Be Light!" (Well, sort of...)
This lesson will be all about how to use light to your advantage so you're not taking photos where people end up silhouetted or grainy or with giant lens flares across their face 🥴. I'll give you the best times of day to shoot and how to position yourself and the camera if the sun is bright AF in your shot ☀️.
LESSON 4 - Less is More
Oh great, now an oxymoron title... In this lesson I'll teach you some basics about composition (a.k.a 'where the heck people need to stand') and how to take a more effective photo by reducing 'noise'.
Oh, and of course, we'll talk about what I mean by 'noise'.
LESSON 5 - How to stop being awkward in photos
The final lesson flips the roles and it's all about you being in the photo. Let's help you stop being a total gumby and give you some tips and tools so you know where to stand, how to stand and how to position yourself within a photo. 

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