Our family came to visit! | 6 sunny weeks in Grenoble, France

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

One of the best moments we had travelling full-time through Europe was when our family journeyed all the way from Australia to visit us. And while we were in Grenoble in France, we had Grace's brother, sister-in-law AND Grace's mum visit all in the same month!

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We spent 6 weeks in Grenoble during summer (the best time to visit!). We rented in an incredible Airbnb apartment close to the centre of the city, and explored around Grenoble on bicycles, as well as visiting the nearby(ish) towns of Annecy, Avignon and the stunning Lac du Montenyard.

Grenoble comes alive in Summer, with a free 6-week-long festival held in the biggest central park, Paul Mistral Parc. Our apartment was right opposite this park, so we went down to enjoy the children's activities, games and crafts and watch dancing, music, fencing, boulles, yoga and even communal laughing (yes, it's a thing!).

Grenoble is a pretty underrated city (compared to Paris, Nice and Cannes), but still remains one of our favourite out-of-the-way family places... such a cool vibe in summer, a gorgeous historical old town, and the perfect way to get the quintessential French experience without all the crowds!

Baguettes, wine and cheese, here we come!

Have you been to Grenoble? What did you think?

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