Leo’s First Dare + Grace Learns to Surf! | Hervey Bay, Australia

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

Let the dares begin! Leo took his first dare in his stride in typical 2-year-old fashion. He was pumped for going snorkelling (he even practiced in the backyard in a bucket!) and has been talking about "seeing the fishies" ever since!

Also in this week's video: Grace takes on the dare to go surfing (facing a childhood fear of getting dumped) and talk about and show you through our time in Hervey Bay.

We also recap our 4 weeks in Hervey bay, show you a glimpse into our daily eating + workout routine 💪and ask for a vote on the all important question... Are you a coriander (cilantro) lover or hater?? 🌿 ·

Can you guess which of us hates (calls it 'devil herb') and which of us loves it?

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