Kuala Lumpur: Dining in the DARK!


Hi guys,
very cool idea; I’ve spoken to many blind and vision-impaired folk about their dining experiences. They’re so used to it, it’s no big deal to eat in the dark, but it must have been an interesting sensory experience. Were your tastebuds working overtime? Did the waiters use the clock-face method of indicating what was where on your plates?


    Yeah it was such a great experience. We had a single waiter who served our table. He would announce that he was there (always helpful) then indicate what he was about to do. The ‘plates’ for our 4 courses came out on a wooden tray each time with smaller dishes inserted into holes in the board (either 2 holes, or 3, or 4 depending on the dish).

    There was a particular order in which to eat it (for the best palette experience) and so he’d say something like “start at the top left and go anti-clockwise”.

    I think what shocked us was that we started off saying “wow, this is so cool! This is such a weird experience” as we were walking in, but by the time we had sat down and settled we were completely humbled by the fact that, as you said, people who are blind or vision-impaired eat in the dark all the time. And all of a sudden you just have so much respect for them.

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