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If you have no idea who we are btw, we're the @darelist.family.

We travel the world full-time, practice and teach photography and just generally and genuinely like to help people. Presets for Lightroom take us little time to create (a couple of hours) but can help you drastically improve your shots, so we thought why not... we hope you enjoy them.

We also have a free '101' photography course if you're into learning that.

30 presets included (and yep, they're all free!)


Blemish Reduction (Cool Tones)
Blemish Reduction (Warm Tones)
Bright & Warm
By Leo
City Vibes
Color Balance
Dark Photo Boost
Dark Photo Rescue
Dark Photo Superhero
Feeling Fresh
Oh Sh*t It's Backlit
Pop - Blue (deep)
Pop - Blue (light)
Pop - Green-Blue

Pop - Green-Yellow
Pop - Green
Pop - Orange
Pop - Pink
Pop - Purple
Pop - Red
Pop - Yellow
Rolling Hills
Sharp & Clear
Sunny Day
Warm Pink Glow
Warm Yellow Glow
Washout Bright
Washout Mood Blue
Washout Mood

Never heard of presets? Here's why they're helpful...

The human eye is incredibly complex (and amazing) and has the ability to see your immediate surroundings in a dynamic, 3D, full-color spectrum at multiple focal lengths. 

Now, cameras are fairly complex these days, but nowhere near as good as our eyes are. 

So when we create a photo, we're trying to capture that dynamic, multi-focal environment, using a tool that captures 2D images with only one set of possible settings. That's why your photos straight out of the camera usually don't truly reflect the spectrum of the experience in one way or another (too dark, too light, a bit 'flat' or less vibrant). 

Post-process editing tools like Lightroom allow you to put the true colors back into the shot. It's not 'photoshop'. You're not adding what wasn't there, you're simply trying to get a photo back to it's truest color and dynamic representation of how your complex eyes viewed that scene at the time so that you can share what it was actually like. And sometimes, you want to do something a little more arty (like add some mood), and Lightroom helps you do that too.

Here's an example:

In a recent trip to Slovenia, we came to this small water hole... The water color is an incredible sapphire blue color, and the mountains behind are full of vibrant color. But the photos, straight out of the camera, can't capture it (because there is so much color spectrum to get right - yellows, greens and blues, and it's a bright day with some shadows - what should the camera focus on?).

It just looks a bit, well... dull:

Enter Lightroom, and in one-click, using the "Feeling Fresh" free preset, this photo is full of color and vibrance and really pops, showing more closely the true colors that what we actually saw on the day. 

Lightroom is what professional photographers use. It has been one of the major tools to help improve the end result of our photos. A 'preset' is a pre-determined tweaking of all the settings (like exposure, saturation, sharpness, warmth) so that it shortcuts having to tweak them all to your favorite set up for every single photo.

I also grabbed some of our other old photos and put them through Lightroom using the new free presets.

This is the change with just a single button click on each:

Preset: Rolling Hills

Preset: Feeling Fresh

Preset: City Vibes

Preset: Pop - Yellow

Preset: Dark Photo Boost

Now think about how many photos you've got in your camera roll or on your SD card that are not quite what the scene actually looked like, and imagine what you could do to bring them back to life!

To use these presets, you'll need to download Lightroom on your mobile device.
That's free too.

You can download from your designated app store:

If you've got the premium desktop version of Lightroom, you can also download the .zip file on the next page and import them straight in. 👍