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Grace, Eric and Leo family shot

We were stoked to get to chat to Erik Hemingway from the Family Adventure Podcast and share the highs and lows (well, the real stuff!) from our round-the-world journey so far.

Being editors of our own publishing platform, we're often the ones asking the questions, so it was refreshing to be on the receiving end and get the chance to reflect on the circumstances and decisions that led us to quit our jobs, rent our home out, sell most of what we have and set off on a global adventure.

Erik is a great interviewer and asked some really thought provoking questions. I (Grace) got to speak more about travelling with anxiety, a topic close to my heart. We hope you enjoy!

Listen to our interview with Family Adventure Podcast here.​

Colin Clapp

Wow! First of all, a big hug to you both! Elly and I can relate to so much of what you’re experiencing trying to parent and work together with a little one in tow while building a new life without close friends and family nearby. It’s challenging to say the least and we know how it can cause untold strains.

We can also relate to your story albeit with different circumstances and choosing Penang as a home-base for the first year. But all in all, so excited to know you’re out there doing it and very much looking forward to watching (and hearing more of your story unfold!).

Now time to sign-up for the Mullbery journal!

More hugs!


PS. I’m a hugger if you hadn’t guessed. High fives if you’re not!

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