EVERYTHING BROKE | The Broken List Family

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

When we took out travel insurance, we weren't expecting things to break one by one for the first 3 months of travel! Maybe it's the hazards of travelling with a toddler, or maybe we've just been ridiculously unlucky. 

Anyway, here's a #realtalk video on one of the 'lows' of travelling and working as a digital nomad. Yep, when 5 pieces of technology break in a row, it sucks, big time. 

BUT we still love what we do. We're not coming home yet, even if one more piece of technology decides to join the boycott. ­čśë

Have you ever broken anything while travelling? We'd love to hear your tragic story. Comment below.

Grace Koelma

Grace is a w´╗┐riter, designer, digital nomad, mum (otherwise known as toddler chaser), slow traveller, wild things appreciator, culture immerser, coffee opportunist... ´╗┐She frequently uses big words (some of which are definitely made up), likes long walks and even longer books, and her focus on ´╗┐wellness´╗┐ in 2017 means she is learning to obey her FitBit. Except when she's glued to her computer!

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