Cafe review: Kahiyang Coffee, Ubud

By Grace Koelma | Dare List Mama

Kahiyang Coffee 

Jl. Sri Widari, Ubud (just opposite the bridge across to Jl. Suweta.)

On our first morning in Ubud, we went for a walk in search of coffee, and miraculously, our first stop - the little quirky coffee place on the hill called 'Kahiyang Coffee' - quickly became our go-to coffee stop.

We (and I mean me) quickly formed a coffee-addiction-driven habit, and walked there every morning to hang out, order coffee and juice (for Leo) and enjoy the cool breezes. We became friends with the owners and by the end they were showing me how to make the best latte and taste-testing their exotic single origin beans.

Did you know you can eat roasted beans to get the true flavour? I didn't! You can read our full review of Kahiyang's coffee and service here.

Leo playing in the chairs at Kahiyang Coffee
Grace learning to make coffee at Kahiyang Coffee, Ubud

Learning how to make a killer latte with barrista Adji, the coffee bean roaster's son.

Latte at Kahiyang Coffee in Ubud

It tastes even better than it looks.

Enjoying a coffee + juice with some of our Balinese hosts. The view from upstairs by the open air windows is lovely.

Grace Koelma

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